Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lack of Upper Management

If I had not made this clear before. As of until now me and Aaren had been working on the costumes at his apartment. Although he was planning on moving out, he still had the place till July 8th which had an empty room and a porch where we can work freely and not be too concerned about the mess.

"Why does it smell like dead cat in here?"

Two days ago (6th) we came to work/start moving things out when we found a disturbed home. Windows and cabinets open, lights on and more importantly Aaron's rifle and shield were damaged, yet the door was locked and secure. At the time I had two conclusions; either maintenance had come in for a inspection and had shown greedy hands, or Aaron's ex-roommate had done it. Aaron himself came to the same and hinted at a third, that I had done it. I hate to think I had done anything to deserve his questioning eye, but he eventually settled on it must have been Sam since he had come back to the apartment while we were away previously. That, and maintenance had no reason to be in the apartment.

We work, I take home some tools and my skill saw, and call it a day. Come the next day (7th) we come home to a roomier apartment. Two bikes that Aaron had were missing along with my tool box, drill, drill bits, and digital camera. Essentially anything that had value was gone. It was at that point we called the police, it was 6:40. The most peculiar thing though was something new was in the apartment. A ladder with BRE sprayed on the side. Aaron lives in a complex recently renamed the Alessio. A property managed by BRE properties. Maintenance WAS in the apartment.

We immediately went to the facility security, which composed of two guys canvassing a property holding about 1000 people. From there we learned little, and what we did learn, only proved to be more aggravating. After being bounced around several people, and trying several dead end phone numbers, we finally reached someone who could contact maintenance, the security manager. When asked though, they both said they had not been in the apartment. We asked if we could be allowed to look in the maintenance room, to which we got a "No", we asked if we could look at the security tapes we got "Ive been here all day and I'm about to go home". All we had was "We will settle it tomarrow".


At that point all we could do was wait for the police and make a list of what was missing, which turned out to be worth about $2000.


We called the police again to make sure they are coming.



we call again....


we call again....


Finally an officer arrives and we start filling paperwork and he leaves followed by us. Only then do the answers finally start coming through. The officer who most likely got the numbers from the staff that remained, reached the maintenance workers who were on duty that night and got them to admit they were there and also had our stuff in a "storage locker". But being so late, the matter could only be solved the next morning.

Although I was not there to enjoy the full extent of the interaction of Aaron-Management-Maintenance, I do know things happened. Firstly, it was revealed that management had told maintenance to go in to the apartment because they believed it to be now then vacant. Because to them when Sam moved out, he represented the group as a whole, and that is a fact that stands even though Aaron and Joy(Aaron's girlfriend) made sure it was clear that they both were still living there. Secondly the theft of their stuff, our stuff, we completely our fault. Thats when the things happened.

This is the first thing i get when I search "things happened".

By things I mean ballistic shit, and by happened I mean happened. Aaron was in a new platitude of pissed off and I cant blame him. The people at the facility simply wanted him to reach higher and higher. But despite being on the verge of nearly getting arrested we got back our stuff, most of it. They left some stuff behind and Aaron has the pleasure of trying to pry it from them again.

So it was mostly managements fault, not maintenance. But several contradictions arose when conversing with maintenance.

- Initially he denied being in the apartment, only confessing after the police had started asking the questions.

- Initially he claimed the items were in a storage locker (that no one else knew about) but later that locker turned out to be the maintenance room. So why didn't he say maintenance room?

-Even after admitting to being in the room and taking the stuff he was steadfast about not being there the previous day. Yet in conversation he revealed that he saw my scroll saw in the apartment, which was there only the day before.

So here is my algebra. Management tells maintenance to go into the room to clear it out because their weegee board tells them they can. Maintenance on the first day comes in to find an apartment with allot of neat toys which they think are fair game. they are careless with Aaron's gun but don't take anything because they were not prepared for the find. The second day they are prepared and take as much as they can. If there is any policy for found items they do not heed it and take as much as they can hold and bring it home with them. If anyone asks, they would deny, as they did, that they took anything and that the door must have been left unlocked or it was a false theft claim. And it was a good plan, they had reasonable doubt on their side, and there was no real proof that they were even there..... except for the ladder. The police officer probably played this card when asking and also revealed that someone was coming in for fingerprinting. At that point Mr. maintenance does remember the apartment and that the stuff is in a storage locker/his garage for safe keeping. The following morning he comes in early and moves everything to the maintenance room and then plays dumb.

be robbed, be harassed, be on the phone with the popo.

So that was my Wednesday night, how was yours?


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