Friday, July 31, 2009

****SYSTEM DOWN*****

My video card decided it didn't care much for working and fried itself. This prevents me from anything... well... I want to do so shit.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A new Job, A new land, A new Life.

College is over, the part of my life that my parents say are the best years of your life. I spent most of the time working and sweating. It is over, but the aftershocks from it still come and go. I was one of the fortunate few to land a job before the end of school. By "end" I mean I got the job the day of graduation. At that point I brimming with so much doubt and fear over my professional future that they could have offered me a position as their office tack board and I would have vomited with relief over the phone. The company of question, Rhythm & Hues. A Academy Award winning visual effects studio. Amongst their many works is Narnia, The Golden Compass, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Garfield.


By joining Rhythm, I have made a pact with destiny, and committed myself to go to a foreign land (Los Angeles) and meet a culture I have only heard rumors about. I immediately bought a gun. My conservative estimates put the journey to 5 days. That after whittling down and packaging all the crap which I could convince myself I would need.

"That goes on the dashboard."

Just get things sorted proved to be a two week affair. No worries though, I have always managed to schedule things with plenty of time necessary to get the job done while satiating my loafing quota. But even so, things would come to a pinnacle, and no one thing can fail without ruining the entire plan.

Continued on next installment