Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Well is Dry

Work on Alvin ramped up its hours, consuming most of my time. That, combined with a side project that I became part off, ensures I will not be standing still for quite some time. As of now its 12:48, and I feel ruined. But there are many things other than work on my plate. Like collecting my portfolio together for the coming job hunt after Rhythm has its way with me, and also the reconstruction of my website. For reasons unknown, my website looks broken on my computer, missing images....
Do not misunderstand me, these are things I WANT TO DO. But things are creeping toward a climax, and me and anxiety are drinking buddies, so working myself to death is the first logical choice.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A new job, a new land, A new life: part 2

So the board was set. In a short amount of time I needed to collect what constituted my existence on this plane into a travel friendly package while at the same time expanding upon it. I lacked several very important things that signify a certain degree of autonomy. A car that is.

An American symbol of adulthood, masculinity, and self sufficiency. I would be buying mine off my sister. The situation could not have been timed better. My sister had started her life abroad only a few years ago, leaving a relatively new car back home without any purpose other than to rust. I was in need of a car, but with no income, my buying options were few.

Five Stars!
But the damn thing looks like it has Down Syndrome

With my sister being in her situation, and the car market being in its situation. I found myself in the ideal situation. For the same price as a birth defect, I can have a much nicer and newer... birth condition. The car in question? A Blue Mazda 3 Hatchback.

The car is ugly and also cool at the same time. It is not the typical car you see on the highway being a hatchback and sufferes from none of the cheap faults I often cite in other cars (ford,GM,...). In short, I like the car. And despite how much I wanted to punch that kid in the face, I'll quote him, "Zoom Zoom!". And its manual! Problem being I cant drive manual.

So I need to buy car, train myself in ways of said car, all so I can drive car across the nation with my most prized possessions, in a matter of two weeks.

Hey did I mention it has a leather interior?!

Now all the fine details are boring no matter how much sarcasm I spritz over it so I'll sum up everything up till departing day:

-Begin training on stick
-realize I don't like stick. Consider it as an awkward relic of a begotten time that only Jesus could park properly on a gradient.
-realize stick is alright
-Buy car
-Realize ill probably die in this car because i stalled t on train tracks.

Continued in part three

Thursday, August 6, 2009


A bunch of friends went to Fjorg to kick ass and chew bubblegum. Of the Zero people who look at my blog, please check this out. Super awesome.


Teams I know?

Sparkle kittens
Briar Roses
The Stepped Children