Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Till Further Notice

I have removed the colorful cartoon depictions of Yogi Bear that I have made. Although they were made to be humorous while have no correlation to the story or style of the movie., there was a chance that the wrong people may take offence. Really the only relation between the movie and the sketches was that they both have yogi bear in them. But due to my current occupation, and based on the stereotype that every CEO is a Clone of Dick Cheney...

Impervious to fire, fueled by kitten's blood.

...it might be perceived as an infringement upon my nondisclosure agreement. Although its a long stretch and I have done my best to express that they has no relation to the movie, it was only me being stupid, one cannot underestimate humanities ability to overreact. So till further notice, I will withhold my demon spawn.


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